Transforming Our Conversations: Foundation Webinar Series 2019

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Transforming Our Conversations: Foundation Webinar Series 2019

Commences October 22, 2019: 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm (AEST)

A 6 week foundation series on Compassionate Communication

22 Oct 2019 7-9pm 
29 Oct 2019 7-9pm 

5 Nov 2019 7-9pm
12 Nov 2019 7-9pm 

19 Nov 2019 7-9pm
26 Nov 2019 7-9pm 

Alternate dates available: Click here to see all dates for this webinar

Who is this Program for?

Anyone who would like to take their communication skills to the next level:

  • Creating more satisfying relationships while practising self-care.
  • Meeting others with respect and compassion while getting the “stuff of life” done.
  • Learning how to better manage moments when we are triggered.
  • Learning how to work effectively with others, valuing connection over control.
  • Living with greater authenticity.

Anne’s Approach

This program is based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. The program is highly experiential (in a safe and playful environment ) where we are all learners, taking baby steps). Each session will start with an outline of key learning points, followed by demonstration, practice and debrief.

If you are interested in hearing more about how the latest neuroscience supports the effectiveness of this work, I invite you to join my 2 hour introductory webinar: “Transforming Our Conversations: An Introduction”.

The Program

Week 1: Taking a Step Back

  • Exploring the conversations we enjoy/don’t enjoy.
  • Living the consciousness of compassionate communication.
  • Looking at intent and impact of the conversations we are part of.
  • Introducing the idea of focusing conversations around needs – ours and others’.

Week 2: From Attacking to Embracing Our Needs

  • Exploring what it is to build a literacy of needs – and of feelings.
  • Sinking into connection with our own needs – met and unmet.
  • Discovering how our moral judgements (of ourselves and others) can contain precious needs we may be unaware of.

Week 3: From Interpretation to Observation

  • Exploring the stories we tell ourselves and taking a step back from them.
  • Shifting from demanding to requesting while holding our needs to be precious.

Week 4: Time Out For You

  • Putting together the skills we’ve learned so far and practice giving empathy to ourselves – a key skill in self-care (especially when we are triggered).

Week 5: Offering Empathy to Others

  • Taking our empathy skills to the next level, practising empathy with others.

Week 6: Specific Situations and Wrap-Up

  • Learning how to better deal with hard-to-hear messages.
  • Learning new ways to express gratitude and appreciation.
  • Debriefing and celebrating our 6 weeks of learning.

Cost: $330 per person, $495 for a couple, $165 for full-time students and concession holdersAll prices are in AUD and GST inclusive.

Numbers limited to 16.

It matters to me that the work I offer is accessible. If you would like to attend any of my offerings but find the fee prohibitive, contact me via my website and we can discuss options.